Salvatore Vicari

Noto (SR)

At the age of seven, left alone at home, he preferred vegetables to games and cooked his first Parmesan aubergine, intrigued by the play of colors and textures.Today as then, The kitchen is for Salvatore Vicari a kingdom to be governed, a continent to explore, running some risk but following his innate attitude to go beyond the borders of what is already known challenge himself. The same attitude that convinced him to leave his studies of Law in favor of his first love: cooking. Here he has experimented the effort of self-taught, “that - he says - requires double the dedication, but also gives double the satisfaction”. He considers himself a scholar and a craftsman, "to put science and technology at the service of every ingredient and its versatility". And for him the territory is a value but never a limit: Salvatore Vicari's cuisine is a synthesis, essential definition of the Island, between the sea and the earth, “because nature makes us experience them in perfect harmony, which it would be unfair to separate ".



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