Agrirelais Baglio di Pianetto
Santa Cristina Gela (PA)

The countryside of Palermo in Santa Cristina di Gela is dressed in an austere, Swiss-like beauty, in the midst of the Sicilian sun. Here, the culture of wine finds an exceptional interpreter, Baglio di Pianetto di Paolo Marzotto. The “agri-relais” with its large salons, cozy reading room, and bright veranda overlooking the garden is a reference point for those who love an elegant and private setting. The profile of excellence established by the Marzotto’s offers an all-around experience thanks to the outstanding wine and lauded cooking that completes the hospitality of the Agri-Relais.

13 Rooms: 1 Basic - 4 Charme - 6 Superior - 2 Deluxe

Charming, peaceful, exclusive

Holiday closing 07 January – February 26

Santa Cristina Gela, PA
Via Francia - C.da Pianetto
Tel +39 091 8570148