Ciccio Sultano
Ragusa Ibla (RG)

Ciccio Sultano’s restaurant is in fact a house: an elegant interior lining the ground floor of Palazzo La Rocca in Ibla. Great service and an impressively large cellar define this restaurant, which beats to a sense of identity, belonging, and responsibility. The hand of Sultano – instinctive and technical at the same time – defines his cuisine, along with a strong Sicilian identity and rigorous choice of raw materials and purveyors. As Sultano says, “Technique must remain at the service of content. And our content is flavors. Sicilians have a stratified palate, they are observers, curious, they take pleasure in gambling and calculation.”

Tailor made attitude and food salubrity 
Closed Sunday all day, Monday for lunch and from January 7th to February 29th.

Ragusa Ibla, RG
Via Capitano Bocchieri
tel +39 0932 651265