When Ulysses arrives at “the green island Trinacria, where he feeds on the flock of the sun,” he remains breathless, enraptured, moved. The beauty and delicacy of the fruits of this place leave no doubt; it is a land sacred to the gods. But only through a journey seeking balance between reason and magic can you discover the authenticity of beautiful Sicily.

In this metaphorical journey, the “Soste di Ulisse” Association becomes the subtle plot of a unique adventure: the doors of charming hotels open up, gourmand restaurants – some even awarded with Michelin stars – are unveiled, and the vibrant realities of wineries and vineyards come to life. Soste or “stops”, of taste, well being, idleness and pleasure. Always marvelously changing.




In this rich and fertile land, the Association has selected the best of the best so that the traveler can experience a true Grand Tour of taste, moving between the scents of the sea and the flavors of the valleys, native wines and sweet delicacies, genuine ingredients and expressive products. All in the name of the most authentic Sicilian hospitality.