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It is the only 5-star hotel in the heart of the Valley of the Temples Archeological Park, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a timeless place; a space where nature, art and beauty have united for 2500 years in the presence of the Gods. The recent restoration of the hotel oversaw a renovation of the entire property. Rooms and suites have views over the temples and the groves of ancient olive trees. Sophisticated furnishings with impeccable service characterize the structure surrounded by a park that blends with the landscape of almond and olive trees
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The hotel’s recent restoration has renovated every environment, including the rooms and the suites, which have a view of the temples and/or of the park of age-old olive trees. The atmosphere that recalls the noble tradition of this "house" pervades everywhere. Everything is original and unequalled, with refined furniture and an impeccable service, enriched by a warm and friendly welcome which is typically Sicilian. Nothing will be able to disturb your rest, if not the magnificent view of the Temple of Concordia, which could keep you awake more than one night with its unmatched beauty.

La Terrazza degli Dei

The enogastronomic flavors of the territory

The garden of the villa blends into the landscape of almond and olive trees that surrounds the magnificent millennia-old temples; from here the Temples of Concordia and Juno can be seen on the Terrazza degli Dei, with all the enchantment that this spiritually uplifting place can give. The Terrazza is therefore homage to the gods who saw fit to give Villa Athena a show that is repeated every day and from where it is possible to exalt the enogastronomic flavours of the territory. The restaurant is now part of the exclusive hotellerie network and brand of the Italian cuisine: Soste di Ulisse. The young and talented chef Nino Ferreri has put his culinary art and all the experience gained at a famous starred restaurant at the service of the wonderful Terrazza degli Dei.


A magnificent residence of the end of the 18th century, it is at the same time a custodian of the classical traces that may be discovered almost everywhere, like in some treasure trove. Situated 200 metres away from the Temple of Concordia, a true masterpiece of Doric art dating back to the 5th century B.C., Villa Athena is a place which transcends time and space, where nature art and beauty have been merging together for over 2,500 years in the presence of the gods. A Sicily dating back millennia can be found here, today for our guests with exclusive and refined experiences.

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  • Swimming
  • Garden
  • SPA
  • Private concierge
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Sweet and savory Sicilian breakfast
  • Autonomous air conditioning
  • LCD TVs
  • High quality courtesy set and linen
  • Direct dial telephone
  • Free wi-fi or cable connection
  • bar
  • Bath
  • Safe
  • Dock station
  • Private SPA in some rooms


Hotel Villa Athena is situated in Agrigento in the heart of the Valley of the Temples, in front of the Temple of Concordia, which is only 200 metres away, in one of the most extraordinary archaeological sites in the world, named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Villa Athena is the only hotel with direct and exclusive entrance for its own guests to the Archeological Park Agrigento is not only the Valley of the Temples. We advise you to visit its historic centre, full of ancient churches and picturesque corners, and for those who love the sea and unspoilt nature, there is the famous Scala dei Turchi and the Torre Salsa nature reserve where, in particular occasions, it is possible to admire sea turtles.



Via Passeggiata Archeologica, 33

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