Restaurant Serisso 47

Chef Gaetano Basiricò


Serisso 47
Trapani (TP)

The historic center of Trapani is the natural habitat of chef Gaetano Basiricò, where he has planted Serisso 47. The territory and its raw ingredients are the platforms through which his kitchen travels through cooking methods, selection of ingredients, and pairing of flavors.


Weekly Opening

Every day

Closing Date

About 25 days between January and February


Trapani, TP
Via Serisso 47/49
Tel +39 092 326113
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The cellar

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Gaetano Basiricò
Gaetano Basiricò Chef
Gaetano Basiricò has approached the kitchen in a natural way since he was a kid, driven by the pleasure of preparing dishes to taste for himself. His career was built on numerous experiences in Italy and Europe, until he inaugurated Serisso 47 in March of 2010, where he is Chef Owner. Among his interests are African cuisine, especially that of Maghreb.


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