Linguaglossa (CT)

A restaurant declared as the ideal place to understand the gastronomic depth of this territory. Analyzing the seasons, carefully selecting raw materials and treating them with care are the tendencies of Giovanni Santoro’s cuisine, fruit of years of research and experience. At Shalai, every dish speaks first to the heart and then to the palate in a combination of flavors and stories difficult to forget. Everything is accompanied by an outstanding proposal of Italian wines and prized bubbles from beyond the Alps. In the foreground are the wines of Etna, to tell the story of a land by way of its wine.

Warm, contemporary style with a retro savour.

Holiday closing may vary

Linguaglossa, CT
Via Guglielmo Marconi 25
tel +39 095 643128
fax +39 095 647508 
cell +39 393 9186700