Val di Mazara


Val di Mazara


Sumptuous churches, castles that tell stories of distant centuries and fascinating medieval villages. It is the Val di Mazara which includes the westernmost part of the island. A valley that is the discovery of great horizons, which enhances the excellence and the material, which moves between villages of art and the unbroken line of coasts and inlets, among archaeological parks up to cities with “big” stories. A succession of landscapes and unique places as well as the populations and historical events that have characterized this part of Sicily.
val di Mazara Le Soste di Ulisse

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Val di Noto

"It has much smaller mountains than others of Sicily, the countryside full of stones; but with all this very fertile and fat and very grassy, so the herds and herds have to graze abundantly. It is very copious with wheat, wine, honey and cattle "...


Val Démone

"It is full of very high mountains, cliffs, hills one after the other, of very large woods and very strong woods, and is higher and higher than the others (Valli). So it happens that he is poor in wheat and in every other kind of fodder, but very abundant in oil "…


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