Restaurant Il Bavaglino

Stella Michelin 2024 - Chef Giuseppe Costa


Il Bavaglino
Terrasini (PA)

Il Bavaglino was inaugurated in August 2008 and is located in a strategic area along the Terrasini promenade, at the starting point where the path begins to wind towards the marina. The restaurant consists of a single, elegant dining room on the ground floor with an outdoor terrace in the summer and the kitchen upstairs. The first Michelin star arrived in 2014. Many important milestones along his way marked chef-owner Giuseppe Costa’s career, before deciding to return to Sicily.


Weekly Opening

From Wednesday to Monday

Closing Date

2 weeks between January and February


Terrasini, PA
via B. Saputo, 20
Tel +39 091 8682285
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The cellar

Discover the cuisine, the cards and the tasting menu

Bavaglino restaurant accompanies its dishes with a careful selection of wines to choose from.
Giuseppe Costa
Giuseppe CostaChef
Terrasini, in the province of Palermo, is the “headquarters” of Giuseppe Costa and his restaurant Il Bavaglino, holding a Michelin star since 2014. Costa’s life is composed of many stages, from Trentino to Brussels, and from the Amalfi Coast to Milan: important experiences that contributed to his unique training path, up until the decision to return home and realize his dream.


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