Restaurant with a wine cellar

The best of Sicilian restaurants

The Association Le Soste di Ulisse collects a considerable number of excellence among gourmet restaurants, guided by the art of the best starred chefs present on the island, and master confectioners. The network is comprised of 33 restaurants and 2 renowned and historic Sicilian confectioners. Cuisine is Culture. This phenomenon is declined in many forms with the unique and primary objective of upholding on Sicilian land as an enhancement to the cultural heritage that we enjoy.

Restaurant Zash

Chef Giuseppe Raciti

Zash Boutique Hotel, Riposto

Catania, Val Demone

Restaurant Sapio

Chef Alessandro Ingiulla

Sapio, Catania

Catania, Val Demone

Principe Cerami

Chef Massimo Mantarro

San Domenico Palace, a Four Seasons Hotel, Taormina 

Val Demone

Cavalluccio Marino

Chef & Patron Giovanna Billeci

Lampedusa Island (AG)

Agrigento, Val di Mazara

Osteria dei Vespri

Chef Alberto Rizzo


Palermo, Val di Mazara

Restaurant Antica Filanda

Chef Nina Campisi

Capri Leone

Val Demone

Restaurant Nangalarruni

Chef Giuseppe Carollo


Val di Mazara

Restaurant Locanda Don Serafino

Chef Vincenzo Candiano

Ragusa Ibla

Val di Noto

Restaurant La Foresteria

Chef Angelo Pumilia

Planeta, Menfi

Val di Mazara

Restaurant Signum

Chef Martina Caruso

Hotel Signum, Salina, Isole Eolie

Val Demone

Restaurant Coria

Chef Domenico Colonnetta e Francesco Patti


Val di Noto

Restaurant Crocifisso

Chef Marco Baglieri


Val di Noto

La Cucina di Donna Carmela

Chef Parisi e Alecci

Donna Carmela Resort & Lodge, Carruba di Riposto

Catania, Val Demone

Restaurant Al Fogher

Chef Angelo Treno

Piazza Armerina

Val Demone

Restaurant Accursio

Chef Accursio Craparo


Val di Noto

Restaurant Vicari

Chef Salvatore Vicari


Val di Noto

Restaurant Modì

Chef Giuseppe Geraci


Val Demone

Restaurant Broccia

Chef Daniela Cappelli

Hotel Quartara, Panarea, Isole Eolie

Val Demone

Restaurant Shalai

Chef Giovanni Santoro

Shalai Hotel, Linguaglossa

Val Demone

Restaurant Serisso 47

Chef Gaetano Basiricò


Val di Mazara

Restaurant Cortile Pepe

Chef Gioacchino Gaglio


Val di Mazara

Restaurant Gagini

Chef Mauricio Zillo


Val di Mazara

Restaurant Don Camillo

Chef Giovanni Guarneri


Val di Noto

Restaurant Capofaro

Chef Gabriele Camiolo

Capofaro, Salina, Isole Eolie

Val Demone

Restaurant Il Bavaglino

Chef Giuseppe Costa


Val di Mazara


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Le Soste di Ulisse selects the best so that the traveler can experience a real Grand Tour of Taste in Sicily.