Restaurant Don Camillo

Chef Giovanni Guarneri


Don Camillo
Ortygia (SR)

The Don Camillo restaurant was founded in 1985 out of the initiative of Camillo and Giovanni Guarneri. Its continuous evolution over the years has allowed it to be one of the most appreciated and consistent Sicilian restaurants, renowned for quality. It is located in Ortigia, the historic center of Syracuse. The dining rooms stand in the remains of a religious building that collapsed in the earthquake of 1693.


Weekly Opening

from Monday to Saturday

Closing Date

Closed Sunday and Holidays


Siracusa Ortigia, SR
Via delle Maestranze, 96
Tel +39 0931 67133
Fax +39 0931 1660665
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The cellar

About 700 references and 4 professional AIS sommeliers at your service

At Don Camillo the winery is a passion, about 700 regional, national and international references with good depth of vintages and particular attention to small niche producers.
Giovanni Guarneri
Giovanni GuarneriExecutive Chef
Chef and professional sommelier, Giovanni Guarneri founded Don Camillo restaurant in 1985 where he is still today the chef. A son of the arts, his gastronomic sensibility and skill in the foundations of traditional Sicilian cuisine were acquired from his father, Camillo. Giovanni Guarneri has participated in numerous gastronomic competitions, cooking in Sweden, Japan and Russia and taught Sicilian cooking in California, Japan and Sao Paulo in Brazil.
Fabio Lucca
Fabio LuccaSous Chef
Giuseppe Inturrisi
Giuseppe Inturrisi Maitre
Enzo Amoruso
Enzo AmorusoSommelier
Ketty Bronzi
Ketty BronziOwner and wife of chef Giovanni Guarnieri


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