Lorenzo Ruta

Lorenzo Ruta Restaurant

Chef Lorenzo Ruta signs the kitchen of the restaurant that bears his name, in the wake of the long and important experience gained in their previous restaurant Taverna Migliore together with his wife Alice and sister-in-law Valentina Migliore. A solid and self-aware maturity that has enabled the chef and his dining and kitchen brigades to upgrade to their current restaurant. Lorenzo Ruta is an original and creative interpreter of a cuisine of the territory that has visions and contaminations of depth, thanks to previous professional experiences in Germany, Turin and Sicily. Ruta has managed to create a young and decidedly innovative, effective and immediate proposal, thanks also to his constant study of the most modern processing techniques, including the fermentation and maturation of vegetables, fish and meat. It is a cuisine with a strong impact, firmly rooted in the territory where the chef grew up and to which he has chosen to return, from which he personally selects the raw materials for his dishes in an authentic and supportive relationship with local producers.



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