Giuseppe Causarano e Antonio Colombo

Marina di Ragusa

Chef Giuseppe Causarano is a compendium of nuances that in life and in the kitchen he succeeds in transferring to his guests, always confirming that idea of hospitality that is the primary engine of a restaurant that protects everything that orbits around it. The cuisine proposed by Causarano, sums up the vision of someone who has travelled a long way to build his own history and now offers it to be shared.

Pastry chef Antonio Colombo has a refined touch, an instinctive empathy, a recognisable style and an immediate identity. His pastry has character, energy and it's dynamic. Requirements that are palpable within the Votavota's kitchen and in that intimate, sunny dining room that evokes harmony, set in a place of vibrant scenic beauty, for those who love sea horizons. Antonio Colombo is a dreamer and his desserts are of such essential taste that they create a sort of emotional addiction.


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