Restaurant Nangalarruni

Chef Giuseppe Carollo


Castelbuono (PA)

Right in the historic center of Castelbuono lays a concentration of flavors and sensations amplified by a rustic, traditional ambiance, which bares the passions of owner Giuseppe Carollo – a longtime lover of wine and forest mushrooms.


Weekly Opening

Every day

Closing Date

From 10 January to 10 February


Castelbuono, PA
via delle Confraternite 5
tel +39 0921 671228 - +39 0921 440672

U.V.A. Club

Either drink or leave (Cicerone)

For fun, the U.V.A. was today a lighthouse and an identity card for all those who are the breath of the hostaria. Some were just passing through, others no longer left us and became our family. Now the U.V.A has become an association thanks to the affection that everyone has for us and that with open arms awaits every man and every woman who shares the delights and the grace of drinking well. And the calm ...
Giuseppe Carollo
Giuseppe CarolloChef
Francesca Carollo
Francesca CarolloSous Chef
Giuseppe Carollo lived in England and Germany at a very young age, up until he decided to return to his homeland in 1984. He took over a restaurant, leaving the original name unchanged and working incessantly to structure and enhance the gastronomic proposal as it stands today. The Chef Owner is passionate about wines and forest mushrooms.


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