Restaurant Al Fogher

Chef Angelo Treno


Al Fogher
Piazza Armerina (EN)

In the deep heart of Sicily, Al Fogher presides over a sense of refined cuisine and the sensations it provides. The restaurant, restored from an old railway tollgate, offers a welcoming and relaxing environment where it is a pleasure to spend moments with friends and guests to taste dishes among the best of Sicilian cuisine. The essence of the chef Angelo Treno recalls the philosophy of the train conductors, alternating escapes in contemporary gastronomic creativity with enveloping dives into the finest traditional cuisine, offering to customers the alchemic rediscovery of supremely authentic taste.


Weekly Opening

from Tuesday to Saturday
from 12:30 to 14:30 and from 19:30 to 21:45

Closing date

Sunday evening and Monday


Piazza Armerina, EN
viale Conte Ruggero, contrada Bellia
tel +39 0935 684123
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The cellar

Discover the cuisine, the cards and the tasting menu

The Al Fogher restaurant offers its best customers the opportunity to consult their wine and spirits list online. Moreover, soon, it will be possible to choose in advance the bottle to be enjoyed with your booking.
Angelo Treno
Angelo TrenoChef
The experiences were numerous for Angelo Train including stints as a barman and dining room maître, before landing in the kitchen. Several years spent around the Europe, he study of macrobiotics through the encounter with a Kendo master and the many dominations that ruled the island, each one leaving particular gastronomic influences. 27 years ago the opening of the Al Fogher restaurant, where jazz concerts are occasionally organized. One of his great passions.
Ernesta Tudisco
Ernesta TudiscoPastry Chef


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