Restaurant Antica Filanda

Chef Nuccia, Pina, Nina, Pinuccia


Antica Filanda
Capri Leone (ME)

The cuisine of Antica Filanda has a unique structure that is rare: in fact, there are four chefs who – through synergy and love – have worked together for almost 30 years to expound the flavors of beautiful Sicily recalling traditions and translating them into emotions and experiences for the palate. From a gourmet tasting journey made of ancient flavors revisited with modernity, to a classic tasting menu that refers to the tastes of our forefathers’ Sicily! And if you like to drink well, the wine cellar offers a rich selection of over 600 labels.


Weekly opening

From Tuesday to Sunday

Closing Date

From January 15th to February 28th


Capri Leone, Me
Contrada Raviola
Cell +39 359 7623556
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The cellar

Discover the cuisine, the cards and the tasting menu

Do you want to ask your sweetheart to marry you and look for the perfect place? Book your table in our "Cantina" or in the most exclusive "Cantina Vini" and immerse yourself in this warm and intimate atmosphere! The Cellar can accommodate up to 35 people! The "Cantina Vini" instead, adjacent to it but more exclusive, can accommodate a maximum of 8! So if you want a more private place, hurry to book!
The Antica Filanda Restaurant was founded in 1990 in Galati Mamertino, in the heard of the Nebrodi park. The kitchen has an order as unique as it is rare composed of Pinuccia, Pina, Nuccia and Nina, while the dining room is in the hands of their husbands Nunzio, Basilio, Salvatore and Nino. Their children also form part of the team, drawing from the experiences of their parents and following in their footsteps. Family management, together with passion, unconditional synergy and a steadfast love for this work have been the common denominators for more than 27 years in this formidable gastronomic adventure.


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