Restaurant Signum

Stella Michelin 2024 - Chef Martina Caruso


Island of Salina (ME)

The offer of the Signum led by the young chef one Michelin star in 2019, Martina Caruso and by his brother Luca Caruso is unquestionably at Signum. The lines are dictated by the tradition and refinement of the products that pay homage to the Aeolian cuisine that takes shape and substance to the Signum. The dishes collect a story and give those sensations that belong to Salina and these places. Small works of art that preserve a deep research drawing on the agri-food heritage of the island. Extensive wine cellar and excellent cocktails.


Weekly Opening

Every day

Closing Date

From November to March


Salina, Aeolian Islands, ME
Via Scalo 15
Tel +39 090 9844222 / +39 090 9844375
Fax +39 090 9844102
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The cellar

Great terroirs and wine stories for the best sensory experience

We built it in time and with love. Our cellar encloses the world's most evocative and prestigious wines. Paths between terroir, vigneron projects and small producers, stories of lives bottled by the big names, thousands of labels selected to offer the best suitable sensory experience at every moment, from the aperitif to the tasting itinerary paired with restaurant dishes, to lead you to meditation after meal.

Signum Bar

A lounge bar facing a unique panorama

By the side of the pool, or looking at the spectacular sunsets, or under the stars, you can enjoy drinks and specialty cocktails. Raffaele, professional and passionate mixologist, creates small original masterpieces with herbs and fruits taken from the luxuriant garden, green heart of the Signum. Sips with pure Aeolian taste, which contain all the scents and colors of the surrounding nature. From those made from hazelnut and elderberry flowers to the spicy or citrusy ones, the bar's menu offers Mediterranean delights to sip, which can also become gourmet specialties combined with the taste routes offered by the chef Martina.



Martina Caruso
Martina CarusoChef
le and willing to put herself on the line. Growing up amidst the traditional aromas of her father Michele Caruso's cuisine, then a self-taught chef at Signum, and amidst the guests of the establishment looking for the best conditions to unplug from the world, at the age of 14 she felt that the future would be there among those cookers. He then decided to enrol in hotel management school and join his father in the kitchen during the summer season. So many years, so many experiences and so many awards followed one after the other for Martina Caruso, until the most recent recognition, which arrived on 23/11/2021, when the Signum Restaurant was awarded the innovative Michelin Green Star, for having shown particular attention to the theme of sustainability.
Luca Caruso
Luca CarusoHotel Signum Patron Manager
Luca Caruso is the patron manager of the Signum. In addition to managing the hotel, he personally dedicates himself to the reception in the dining room, leads the sommelier department and is the creator of one of the most interesting wine lists in the whole of Sicily. Today he is the delegate for North-Eastern Sicily of the Noi di Sala association, which has been pursuing the objective of enhancing the identity of the dining room and service since 2012. His is a work of study, research and planning. His passion for attention to detail and dedication to team management have enabled him to create the right environment and team for Signum. For him, hospitality is a mix of service and human contribution where people with a good disposition and a lot of professionalism make the difference. His mission is to create an atmosphere of authentic Sicilian hospitality in which the guest can feel at ease, enjoying excellent service with the feeling of being at home.
Clara Rametta
Clara RamettaFounding Patron
Michele Caruso
Michele CarusoFounding Patron
Raffaele Caruso
Raffaele CarusoBar Manager and Mixologist


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