Restaurant Gagini

Chef Mandozzi e De Rosa



The Gagini pulsates within the sixteenth-century walls of the famous sculptor Antonello Gagini’s creative forge, set in the most fascinating monumental and historical part of the city, between the Vucciria and the oldest port of Palermo called ‘La Cala’. It is the unique restaurant of the Good Company group dedicated to haute cuisine. It has recently embarked on a new path, opening a new chapter in the history of the Sicilian culinary renaissance with an international and multicultural vision. From the kitchen of the territory to the kitchen “with the territory”, it inaugurates a revolutionary gastronomic project with the assumption of the challenge: the emancipation from traditional recipes.

Massimiliano Mandozzi
Elnava De Rosa

Weekly Opening

Every day
open 12: 30-15: 00, 19: 30-23: 00

Closing Date

24 December


Via dei Cassari, 35
90133 Palermo
Tel +39 091 589918

Comunicazione Good Company 
Manuela Laiacona
Tel + 39 393 8544362
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The cellar

We keep excellent labels

The Gagini winery is one of the most assorted and profound in the area, with a focus on natural wines, great Sicilian wines, historical signatures of the contemporary history of Sicilian wine, wines from beyond the borders of prestigious and suited terroirs.
The cellar is truly a place of the soul, designed and cared for "welcoming" labels of excellence, able to tell the best stories and tastes of their places of origin. The Gagini winery was born on September 29th 2013, after a long journey of careful analysis and research of the realities that bottled the authenticity of a territory and its traditions.
Massimiliano Mandozzi
Massimiliano MandozziResident Chef
Elnava<br>De Rosa
De Rosa
Pastry Chef
Massimiliano Mandozzi and the pastry chef Elnava De Rosa have menaged the cuisine of the Casta Diva, restaurant of a luxury hotel in Lake Como, over the past ten years. The couple have the task of telling the story of Sicily weaving together the Mediterranean and the rest of the world, different cultures, similar and even distant, but always with the roots firmly rooted in the local agricultural and food heritage of the Island.
Michela Vitale
Michela VitaleMaitre
Franco Virga
Franco VirgaPatron
Stefania Milano
Stefania MilanoPatron


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