Restaurant I Pupi

Stella Michelin 2024 - Chef Tony Lo Coco


I Pupi
Bagheria (PA)

In 2009, Tony Lo Coco opened I Pupi, a restaurant of impeccable design, where he and wife Laura Codogno realized the dream of a lifetime, delighting guests with traditional plates revisited in a contemporary light granting full respect to the seasons. Their dream was rewarded in 2014 with a Michelin star, and is consistently reaffirmed with collaborations and participation in events at the national and international levels, from “Festa a Vico” to the Italian Cuisine World Summit in Dubai, from the locally loved Identità Golose to important catering organizations in Italy, Austria and India.
I Pupi i s a 2024 Michelin starred restaurant.

Lo Coco

Weekly Opening

From monday to saturday open only for dinner

Closing Date

Closed on sunday


Bagheria, PA
Via Del Cavaliere, 59
Tel +39 091 902579

Tony Lo Coco
Tony Lo CocoExecutive Chef
Tony Lo Coco opened I Pupi in 2009 with his wife, Laura Codogno, who oversees the dining room. Chef Owner of Bagheria restaurant, a Michelin starred restaurant 2024, a worthy recognition of a long journey marked by dedication, instinct and passion. He has also maintained several collaborations and participations in national and international events, and the organization of important catering events in Italy, Austria and India.
Laura Codogno
Laura CodognoRoom Manager


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