Charming hotels, gourmet restaurants and wineries in Sicily, just for you, to experience

For over twenty years, Le Soste di Ulisse has been promoting the excellence and beauty of the island so that travellers can experience an authentic Grand Tour of Taste in Sicily.

Le Soste di Ulisse tells a true story of Lands, Sea and Men, but also of flavours, locations, beautiful landscapes and products with Sicily's charm and Mediterranean soul. The Association, born in 2002 from the vision of a group of chefs, embraces under the same banner the best private enterprises in Sicilian food and wine. Only the excellences of the island's hospitality, catering and wineries become part of this select group. The Association today has 33 founding members, including restaurants, historic patisseries, charming hotels, wineries and 47 enterprises in the sector.

Start your journey to Sicily, a generous island where the sun shines, the sea sparkles and volcanoes puff, guided by Le Soste di Ulisse.

Charming Hotels

The best hotels in Sicily

Hotels are ambassadors of Sicilian hospitality values.
Hospitality, human warmth, attention to detail, emotions. Le Soste di Ulisse is a variegated and fascinating universe populated by the most prestigious charming hotels, resorts, and boutique hotels of the "Sicilian Continent" according to their best features: elegant hotels with starred restaurants, hotels by the sea, hotels with SPA, hotels with wine cellars, hotels in historic residences.

Fine Dining Restaurants

Gourmet kitchens, starred chefs

Restaurants and chefs are the heart of Le Soste di Ulisse.
Many Michelin-starred restaurants offer gourmet cuisine, often accompanied by a fine selection of wines, in every corner of Sicily. As well as niche pastry shops, able to amaze for the quality of their raw materials, technique and inventive presentation. All the restaurants are united by a sincere passion for Sicily and work to preserve the culinary traditions of each micro-territory: dialoguing with the farming world of fishermen and breeders, safeguarding and enhancing biodiversity.


The most prestigious Sicilian wineries

Sicily land of wine.
Always an element of connection between the peoples of the Mediterranean, Sicily is the mother of many indigenous grape varieties, DOC (Designation of Controlled Origin) and IGT (Typical Geographical Indication) wines, made inimitable by the incessant work of the territory's most prestigious wineries. Sicilian wine entrepreneurs and Le Soste di Ulisse spread good drinking culture with excellent red and white wines that are appreciated worldwide.

Three Valleys

Three ancient valleys characterise Sicily, a sign of ancient dominations, from Arab to Bourbon, that have made this land an island of contrasts, culture and beauty. Val di Noto, Val di Mazara and Val Demone the territorial division that Le Soste di Ulisse have shared.
Art, architecture, agriculture, crafts, landscape, thought: a continent in the Mediterranean. Discovering the three valleys is a journey that marks the soul, the mind and the heart. It is an invitation to discover authenticity and emotions. It is just Sicily to be experienced!

In Sicily, in this rich and fertile land, the Association has selected the best so that the traveller can experience an authentic Grand Tour of taste, moving between the fragrances of the sea and the flavours of the Three Valleys, indigenous wines and sweet delicacies, genuine ingredients and expressive products, all under the banner of the most authentic Sicilian hospitality.


Val di Mazara

"Extremely fertile in producing wheat and other kinds of fodder, and wine and oil and excellent honey, abundant in sheep, oxen, and herds of large cattle" ...


Val di Noto

"It has much smaller mountains than others of Sicily, the countryside full of stones; but with all this very fertile and fat and very grassy, so the herds and herds have to graze abundantly. It is very copious with wheat, wine, honey and cattle "...


Val Démone

"It is full of very high mountains, cliffs, hills one after the other, of very large woods and very strong woods, and is higher and higher than the others (Valli). So it happens that he is poor in wheat and in every other kind of fodder, but very abundant in oil "…

Explore Sicily and its districts

When Ulysses lands at 'The Green Isle of Trinacria, where the flock of the sun grazes' he is breathless, enraptured, moved.
The beauty and delicacy of the fruits of that land leave no doubt, it is a land sacred to the gods. But only in a journey poised between reason and magic can one discover the authenticity of beautiful Sicily.


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